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Rachel Quednau is passionate about improving urban living, strengthening organizational communications and bridging divides in diverse communities. She currently serves as Program Director for Strong Towns—a national nonprofit helping communities become financially strong and resilient.  She also hosts the Strong Towns podcast: The Bottom-Up RevolutionTrained in dialogue facilitation and mediation, she is devoted to building understanding across lines of difference.

Previously, Rachel worked for several organizations fighting to end homelessness and promote safe, affordable housing at the federal and local levels.  Rachel also served as a Research Associate for The Pluralism Project.  A native Minnesotan and honorary Wisconsinite, Rachel has a Masters in Religion, Ethics and Politics from Harvard Divinity School and a Certificate in Conflict Transformation from the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium.  She currently lives in Milwaukee, WI with her husband Jack and two pet rabbits.

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Selected Writing

“What the House Hunting Process Taught Me About the Suburban Experiment,” February 2021, Strong Towns

“A Resilient, Long-Term Approach to Addressing Homelessness,” December 2020, Strong Towns

“For Restaurants in the Pandemic, Immense Challenges…and a Glimmer of Hope,” August 2020, Strong Towns

“Can a neighborhood rebuild wealth for the people who actually live there?” July 2020, Strong Towns

“‘Middle Neighborhoods’ Could Be the Answer to Your Home Search Struggle,” February 2020, Apartment Therapy

“Urban Revolution Through Data,” Winter 2019, Design Museum Magazine

“Making Small Towns Strong Again,” May – November 2018, part of the Irish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture

“Why Walkable Streets are More Economically Productive,” January 2018, Strong Towns (and republished on other outlets)

“Modern Small-Scale Farming – Could it sustain us? Could we sustain it?” August 2017, Strong Towns

“For Orthodox Jewish Neighborhoods, Community and Walkability are Key,” June 2017, Strong Towns.

“Broadening the Conversation,” January 2017, Philanthropy Journal.

“How Renters can be Neighborhood Advocates,” January 2017, Strong Towns.

“Putting our Towns on the Path Towards Good Public Transit,” November 2016, Strong Towns.

“A Strong Towns Response to Homelessness,” January 2015, Strong Towns.

Thoughts on Building Strong Towns Volume II and Volume III (editor and contributor)

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Get in touch with me: You can email me at rachelquednau [at] gmail [dot] com.